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From conception to retail, each product has its own story. The objective of ViJi is to trace this cycle in order to fulfill two objectives: to support brands in their approach of transparency and traceability, and to give ethical decision-making elements to consumers through indicators on the social and environmental conditions of production.

Thanks to the cross-fertilization of supplier / brand / trusted third party data (certifying bodies, control offices, auditors, NGOs, associations, etc.), the ViJi system enables federating all the players in the textile / clothing sector and reinforces traceability and the reliability of the information listed on the supply chain of a given garment. This information is stored, secured and transmitted to you in the most educational way so that you can choose your clothes in your soul and conscience.


Viji Origin
 Thanks to a photogeolocated system, ViJi provides a solution for brands to avoid undeclared outsourcing during the shaping / assembly stages of clothing and footwear.


Viji Social
Recruitment / termination policy, working hours, wages and benefits, employee working conditions, health and safety policy, management systems, etc.


Viji Environmental
Standards, certificates, management system, energy consumption monitoring, waste and waste treatment, energy recycling, ...

Security / Health

Viji Security / Health
The products you buy in Europe are subject to the REACH law. The chemical inputs used during the dyeing, washing out and various coating stages are subject to limits ...

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Easy to use, the ViJi app reveals you in a second the true story of products offered in stores.  

With a simple flash of the bar code, get clear, reliable and understandable information on the conditions of production of a garment you are about to buy.

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