A word from the partner


Consulting agency in CSR and sustainable fashion

Fashion That Cares is a consulting firm, specialised in CSR and sustainable development for Fashion.

Since 10 years, Fashion That Cares has advised many industry players, guiding them in the transformation of their business models and supporting them for the implementation of more sustainable and responsible practices.

Fashion That Cares

  • advises Fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and schools
  • on their CSR issues (global business approach), Responsible Purchasing (focus on collections) and Carbon Impact

We support you in defining your strategy and in providing support for its implementation: objectives, action plans, KPIs, coordination, training…

Our clients value:
• our expertise in the sector: we have deep roots in Fashion and we remain very aware of its challenges and how things works
• our network: we work with an ecosystem of partners and are offering 360 ° service
• our strong enthusiasm and involvement

Year of creation

The ViJi partnership

Viji and Fashion That Cares, it’s the encounter of two companies that share common values ​​and the same vision of where the Fashion sector should go, in particular towards more traceability and transparency. It appeared therefore natural that they now combine their skills to strengthen their support for brands that are committed to a sustainable transformation.

Traceability and transparency are two inseparable axles of CSR strategies, but their implementation can be complex because our sector is very fragmented, making information difficult to retrieve, as well as challenging to proceed with data quality check and real time updates. Consumers are increasingly aware and demanding, and they expect brands to make strong commitments that can be proven. Thanks this strong partnership, Viji and Fashion That Cares are now joining their forces to respond positively to these issues!