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The textile quality specialist

SgT is the textile quality specialist within the WORMS SAFETY Alliance, the first global alliance of safety and quality management specialists.

Founded in 1990, SgT is a world leader in quality management solutions specializing in textiles and apparel (garments, footwear, bags and accessories). From raw materials (including fabric, leather, and trims and accessories) and development to finished products, SgT aims to support brands secure compliance, safety and quality of their products and suppliers via audits, technical assistance, inspections, laboratory testing, and sustainability solutions.

SgT’s clients include leading international fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and importers of ready-to-wear, luxury clothing, children’s clothing, outdoor clothing, sportswear, underwear, work wear and home textiles.

With 100% of its employees coming from the textile industry and production, and over 5,000 factories, mills and tanneries visited every year, SgT offers unique expertise which combines hands-on production with preventative approaches, all powered by technologically-enriched support. Unlike generalists, and keeping end-users in mind, SgT’s tailor-made solutions aim to address issues before they reach the end of the production line, whilst helping clients keep quality budget under control.

With its head office in Hong Kong, SgT has a unique network - built over 30 years - of regional teams experienced in local textile manufacturing supply chains. Benefiting from the global WORMS SAFETY network, SgT covers over 80 countries in all major textile production areas across Asia, the Indian Ocean, Africa, the Euro-Mediterranean region, and the Americas.

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