ViJi, the neutral and objective trusted third party

The Origin of ViJi

Anne-Laurence and Josselin, a long history with textiles!


We met 20 years ago, when we both worked in a large French textile group. Logistics, supply chains and project management for one; quality, purchasing and intrapreneurship for others. At that time it was the full boom of the globalization of production and fast fashion. After 25 years cumulated to work in this field, including a part in the producing countries, we make the following observation: the sector badly needs to progress to be up to the environmental and social stakes, and the expectations of its consumers in terms of traceability and transparency.


Increasingly glaring findings


We could quote you tons of figures on the environmental and social impact of fashion, but you've probably already heard them. In fact, more than 80% of you denounce the lack of information on eco-responsible fashion (source: ifm, première vision study on eco-responsible fashion). We have therefore chosen to put our expertise at the service of this cause by starting with a question: "How can we help both brands to progress on transparency and eco-responsibility, and consumers to have easy access to reliable information? This is the mission ViJi has set itself.


What we do


ViJi designs innovative ways to collect, authenticate and disseminate reliable Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) information on brands and their products.

We divided this information into 4 themes: health safety (Is this product really harmless for my skin or that of my child?…), Social conditions of production (Can I be sure that the workers who have worked on this product have been decently treated? ...), traceability (What were the different stages of manufacturing this product? ...) and the environmental conditions of manufacture (What is the overall impact of my product on the environment ? …).

The principles that drive us

Provide reliable information :
Thanks to our technological developments, we aim to authenticate 100% of information. Until then, brands and consumers alike can visualize the reliability of the information communicated through the different ViJi solutions thanks to the indications given: declared, proven, secure.

Federate a maximum of actors around the project within the same ecosystem
Brands, factories, control offices, certifications, etc.
The fact of working with all the actors of the production chains, with data collected and authenticated permanently through our systems, allows us to collect and disseminate information per article. Therefore, we are able to communicate information on the true history of your clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.

Why we don't rate:
Between a vegan brand that favors animal welfare and produces petroleum-based “fake leather” or a brand with traditional skills that uses real animal skins from food waste and with vegetable tanning, which one should be favored?
Between a product of a French brand that was made in Asia and a product of an American brand that was made in France, which deserves the best score?Textile is a complex industry. In the absence of a standard, rating a product using an algorithm would mislead the consumer and cause loss of objectivity.

Remain neutral:
You will have understood that we consider that it is not our role to judge. We give you information with impartiality and pedagogy, it is the only way to remain neutral. We prefer to let you make your choices according to your personal values but on the basis of accurate and fair information.

Be accessible to all brands:
We do not impose a minimum threshold on brands wishing to collaborate with ViJi in terms of responsible actions. Any brand, whatever its size, its sector of activity and whatever its level of engagement is encouraged to progress alongside ViJi.

The power is in your hands
The brands and factories we work with don't claim to be perfect. Neither do we, but we promise you that we are committed to improving access to reliable information every day.

Now that you know a little more about us and our values, the power is in your hands! Participate, follow us on social networks, become ViJilant !

The team

ViJi is a company based in France. The team is a mix of experts from the textile and clothing industry, and entrepreneurs specialized in financing innovation. We are passionate people whose goal is to have a positive impact on the transformation of the industry through ViJi.
Textile / supply chain expertise


Viji Josselin VOGEL
Sourcing expertise / product development


Viji Anne-Laurence VILLEMONTEIL
Financing / innovation expertise


Viji Matthieu ROLLAND
IT Project Management Expertise


Viji Antoine JONCHERE
Community Manager / Chef de projet digital


Viji YanisJILALI

Want to join us ?

You are autonomous while loving to work in a team, you like to work in a dynamic environment, in perpetual evolution, you feel concerned by the social and environmental problems, you have strong values ​​of work, of listening, of humility, of adaptability and you keep smiling, so do not hesitate, join our team and send us your CV!

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